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Magic happens when we come together and play. We all feel very connected, because we share the experience of rehearsing and performing together. However, our family is much bigger than the musicians on stage! In the course of the years we invited young talents to be trained in rehearsals and to play with us. The Rise'n'Shine studio that is based in Mwanza is filled with many creative minds. 



Singer, Bassist & Musical Director

CG is a bassist, song writer, pianist and the Musical Director of Rise’n’Shine. CG has been playing for many well-known musicians like Jackie Akello/Uganda (Sauti za Busara 2019) and many others touring in different countries. He trained young bands in Uganda until he met Bahati and Phillip and founded Rise'n'Shine. Now he focuses on his personal brand as CG the bassist and singer - passionate for afro-beats and Rise'n'Shine.

Contact CG here: +255 657 800 139


Singer, Guitarist & Songwriter

Bahati is the driving energy behind Rise'n'Shine. First of all she is the front singer and plays the acoustic rhythm guitar. As the songwriter of the band the messages of the songs are very important to her - she writes the lyrics in Kiswahili, English and German. She grew up in Tanzania and she was a gospel singer for more than 10 years touring through Germany. The love for Reggae music and its basic principles of a peaceful and respectful togetherness led to the founding of Rise'n'Shine.

Contact Dr. Bahati here: +255 685 355 688




Bibi Fire is the heart of Rise'n'Shine. On stage she is truly a shining star with her cristal clear voice. Crowds always love seeing her in full performance mode: Her smile, her energy on stage and her dance moves just resemble the positive vibes Rise'n'Shine spreads as a team! As the former drummer she is the musical memory of the band and knows everything about Rise'n'Shine. She started her career as a singer in church - she used to sing the lead voice in the praise teams and inspire other women to keep up the music - while having all the responsibilities mothers have!

Contact Bibi Fire here: +255 626 552 431



Mariam is the heartbeat of the band – the engine and the silent but most effective captain. She is usually the quiet one who sits back and watch the other doing their things. She might once in a while come up with some few words but then she just hits the point! On stage she impresses the fans with her drum stick twirling abilities.
Mariam started holding the drumsticks in 2017 – self-taught she plays various genres of music ranging from Afro Caribbean Fusion, Reggae, RnB, Hip Hop, Afro Zouk, Sebene and many other East-African and European genres.



Keys & Sound Engineer

Obadia is called the Minister because he is the most spiritual person in our family. He is humble and at the same time he has such a big passion for music. His musical knowledge has its origin in the church. For many years he played the piano in the church service and led praise teams. In Rise’n’Shine rehearsals he never hesitates to teach and help others.

Contact Obadia here: +255 784 709 579



Solo Guitar & Singer

Phillip Ateesa is an Ugandan musician and music teacher. In Rise'n'Shine he is the melody that lingers on even if the gig has ended... cause everyone remembers his melodies that are so unique in rhythm and style. Phillip concentrates on the electric guitar that he plays since 2013. However, he also play Ugandan instruments like drums (Engalabi, Nankasa and Empumpi) and stringed instruments (Adungu) as well as western instruments like the keyboard, drums, acoustic guitar and bass guitar.
His aim is to build a career as a reggae and afro-jazz guitarist.




Christian Mgana is the hidden genius and the multi talent in the band. Basically, he plays every possible instrument you can imagine. However, he calls himself the driver of the band. It is true in a metaphorical way – he drives the band though ups and downs – long distances and bumpy roads! In Rise’n’Shine he holds the keys and takes us away with his jazzy cords and his surprising interludes.
Growing up in the biggest city of Tanzania he these days is the sound engineer, the choir leader of the praise team of one of the biggest congregations in Tanzania. Rise’n’Shine is just blessed to have this humble and funny musician on the keys!

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