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Rise up and spread happiness - peace, love and unity is a must!



When we hit the stage nobody can stand still! Our music, the rhythm and the lyrics flow directly from the stage to the crowd. We immediately connect with the people wherever we play - no matter which country! Our music is a mixture of our own songs and famous covers that make our crowd dance. Our secret is our diversity - everyone in the audience can connect to someone on stage.
Since the foundation of the band in February 2018 we have been playing at international festivals, clubs, the beach, private events and in church. We have been traveling to the offspring of the Nile, Stone Town on Zanzibar, Bagamoyo and many other beautiful places in East Africa. Our dream is to travel to other continents like Europe and South America to share our love for music.


Music can affect people on a deep emotional level, through music we are able to inspire and spread awareness on certain topics.
'We Care Songs' is a concept where we create songs with a strong message that addresses heavy topics in a positive way. We want to spread positive vibes while making a difference in our society.
The Rise'n'Shine Studio is the base for creating our unique awareness songs. There we produce the beats, the melodies and lyrics!
If you are interested in learning more about 'We Care Songs' go to this page:

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