Peace, Love and Unity in Diversity



Rise up and spread happiness - peace, love and unity is a must!

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When we hit the stage nobody can stand still! Our music, the rhythm and the lyrics directly flow from the stage to the crowd. We immediately connect to the people wherever we play - no matter which country! Our music is a mixture of own songs and famous covers that make our crowds dance. Our secret it our diversity - everyone in the audience can connect to someone on stage.

Since the offspring of the band in Feb. 2018 we have been playing on international festivals, in clubs, on the beach, in church and on private events. We have been traveling to the offspring of the Nile, the stone town of Zanzibar, to Bagamoyo on the beach and many more beautiful places in East Afirca. Our dream is to travel to other continents like Europe and South America.


Have you ever seen a band with at least two female instrumentalists? Here we are - as mothers, daughters, sisters and grandmas we write lyrics, compose songs, play instruments and manage, organize and spread love in the Rise'n'Shine family and to our friends and fans. Mariam as the drummer and the engine of the band is in full control of the bands rhythm. Bahati is the front singer and guitarist of the band. The balance of male and female energy spices up our music in a unique way - come and listen!



The unique perspective in our music makes it that we think of our society we live in and the music industry we are acting in as conscious musicians.
We also care about intercultural misunderstandings that have to be faced when Rise'n'Shine partners with international organizations and individual musicians from different countries.
Rise'n'Shine just wants everyone to be happy! But - how do we spread our happiness?
Of course our live performances just make happy because to hype with is just pure fun.
However, we as artists dedicated ourselves to basic ethics of a respectful togetherness in peace, love and unity. Equal rights and justice stands for all - like our lyric of Mama Africa says.
We show social responsibility by singing about environmental pollution, social injustice and psychological challenges of our people.
Our latest relies is called "usiogope" and is a cancer prevention and awareness song - we join hands with the different cancer treatment centers in East Africa to raise awareness.



In balance - united in diversity

Rise'n'Shine is an afro-reggae band with members originating in Tanzania, Germany and Uganda. All musicians have worked already in different genres of music from African Fusion, Gospel, Reggae and Jazz.
Inspired by meeting the two musicians from Uganda, Phillip and CG, at Sauti za Busara Festival 2018, Bahati created a band that combines many years of musical experience and the love for live music.

The energy was just right between the musicians, it was such a positive vibe, that CG and Phillip never hesitated to come all the way from Entebbe to Mwanza. Bibi Fire joined the band soon as the first female drummer. The love to live reggae music made it to play the first concert "Reggae on the Rocks" already in April 2018! That was the starting point to many other international concerts all over east Africa. On international events Christian Mgana joint the band on the keys. The latest member to join us was Mariam the Drummer in 2019. She took over on the drums while Bibi Fire concentrated more on singing. The band was complete now... and ready for much more to come! Nothing could stop us from spreading our message of positive vibes, peace, love, and unity in diversity!

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Behind the band... the family

Magical happens when we come together and play. We all feel so much connected because we share the experience of rehearsing and performing together. However, our family is much bigger that the 6 musicians on stage! The Rise'n'Shine studio that based in Mwanza is filled by many more creative minds. The international character of the band makes it that we help out each other - on some gigs we are supported by Gasper on the drums when Mariam is cached up in Uganda or just wants to share the plattform. When CG wants to fully concentrate on hyping up the crowds on the mic John would hold the bass. Get to know more about every single artist below.



Bassist & Singer and Musical Director

Meet CG and just fall in love with live music! CG is the a bassist, a song writer, a pianist and the Musical Director of Rise’n’Shine. CG has been playing for many well-known musicians like Jackie Akello/Uganda (Sauti za Busara 2019) and many others touring in different countries. He trained young bands in Uganda until he met Bahati and Phillip and founded Rise'n'Shine. Now he focus on his personal brand as CG the bassist and singer - passionate for afro-beats - and Rise'n'Shine.


Singer & Guitarist and Songwriter

Bahati is the driving energy behind Rise'n'Shine. But first of all she is the front singer and plays the acoustic rhythm guitar. As the songwriter of the band the most important thing is her message - she writes the lyrics in Kiswahili, English and German. She grew up in Tanzania and her love to the people made it to find music as the way to make her country happy. She was a gospel singer for more than 10 years touring though Germany. But the love to Reggae music and its basic principles of a peaceful and respectful togetherness made it that she initiated Rise'n'Shine.



Solo Guitar & Singer

Phillip Ateesa is an Ugandan musician and music teacher. In Rise'n'Shine he is the melody that lingers on even if the gig has ended... cause everyone remembers his melodies that are so unique in rhythm and style. Phillip concentrates on the electric guitar that he plays since 2013. However, he also play Ugandan instruments like drums (Engalabi, Nankasa and Empumpi) and stringed instruments (Adungu) as well as western instruments like the keyboard, drums, acoustic guitar and bass guitar.
His aim is to build a career as a reggae and afro-jazz guitarist.



Bibi Fire is the heart of Rise'n'Shine. On stage she is truly a shining star with her cristal clear voice. Crowds always love seeing her in full performance mode: Her smile, her energy on stage and her dancing moves just resembles to the positive vibes Rise'n'Shine spreads as a team! As the former drummer she is the musical memory of the band and knows everything about Rise'n'Shine. She started her career as a singer in church - she used to sing the lead voice in the praise teams and inspire other women to keep the music up - despite of all the responsibilities mothers have!




Mariam is the heartbeat of the band – the engine and the silent but most effective captain. She is usually the quiet one who sits back and watch the other doing their things. She might once in a while come up with some few words but then she just hits the point! On stage she impresses the fans with her drum stick twirling abilities.
Mariam started holding the drumsticks in 2017 – self-taught she plays various genres of music ranging from Afro Caribbean Fusion, Reggae, RnB, Hip Hop, Afro Zouk, Sebene and many other East-African and European genres.



Christian Mgana is the hidden genius and the multi talent in the band. Basically, he plays every possible instrument you can imagine. However, he calls himself the driver of the band. It is true in a metaphorical way – he drives the band though ups and downs – long distances and bumpy roads! In Rise’n’Shine he holds the keys and takes us away with his jazzy cords and his surprising interludes.
Growing up in the biggest city of Tanzania he these days is the sound engineer, the choir leader of the praise team of one of the biggest congregations in Tanzania. Rise’n’Shine is just blessed to have this humble and funny musician on the keys!




Obadia is called the Minister because he is the most spiritual person in our family. He is humble and at the same time he has such a big passion for music. His musical knowledge has its origin in the church. For many years he played the piano in the church service and leaded praise teams. In Rise’n’Shine rehearsals he never hesitates to teach others.


Sound Engineer

Junior – he might seem young but never underestimate his experience and brilliancy! His trade mark is to work with the given sound – and get the best out of it. His high adaptive skills and creativity makes it that the band has in any case the best sound. He produces the highest quality of sound for Rise’n’Shine fans on live concerts, ensuring that sound effects, voices and music are all heard and enjoyed by the audience.




John has a long experience playing in local bands and churches. He has been active since his young age - socially engaged in a youth center in Mwanza town. He is not only keeping the beat alive but brings in a chilled and relaxed atmosphere though his strong base lines.



Gasper is truly a talent. When sitting on the drums he keeps the beat alive and with it the whole positive vibes of the band. Crowds always love seeing him in full performance mode, and the band couldn’t be happier to have such an talented Drummer in rehearsals up on stage!



Photographer & Videographer

Joel is the reason why Rise'n'Shine has high quality pictures and videos. Joel comes from a family of photographers - his grandfather already made a living out of it. With an experience of over 10 years in his field he has the perfect eye for detail and beauty. He uses his skills to tell visual stories with video and audio.


Band Psychologist

These mental health professionals know what it feels like when the van breaks down, when the booker shorts the fee, or when your front singer is just getting a bit crazy. All musicians are different and for the positive vibes in the band Artus makes it to create a special atmosphere of mutual and deep understanding. Above that Artus is just the biggest supporter of the band organizing in the background, taking care of the small things that matter!




Sarah has many hats on - She handles multiple jobs in the band. Her skills as a learned human resource manager are fully challenged when she brings the band together for rehearsals, TV and radio interviews, photo shootings and concerts. With her high knowledge about the east African music industry and her promotion skills she is just the right manager for Rise'n'Shine.