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We care for our world and society. Our aim is to create a good environment for spreading awareness of the challenges we face in society through our music.

The lyrics and message in our songs are very important to us. 'We Care Songs' is a unique perspective to our music. We think of the society we live in and the music industry we are acting in as conscious musicians. We believe that our music can spread awareness, when we sing about injustice, climate change, women's rights and health for our children. We use our music to address difficult and heavy topics in a light and encouraging way. 

If you are an organization and you are interested in working with us to create a song for your campaign, you are more than welcome to contact us! If you want to spread a message, a song is a great media for gathering people and creating a feeling of togetherness and hope. You will be able to send a strong message while having a good time. Book us - and let's work together…

Previously we have worked and cooperated with:

  • The cancer care center at the KCMC. 

  • The NGO, ´I Care´

  • Mwanza City Council

JPEG Our World - our House Cover picture final.jpg

Our World - Our House: 
A song for climate justice! We need to stand together and act now for climate justice.

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